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The Lincoln Project Lesson

Earlier this week, five people wieliding tiki torches posed in front of gubernatorial candidate Glen Youngkin’s bus in Charlottesville.

This comes just days before the election next week.

The anti-Trump group stood in front of Youngkin’s campaign bus on Friday wearing white t-shirts, sunglasses and khaki pants – posing as radical Left-wing white nationalists.

This shocks nearly no one as we have seen an increasing use of racism and division-politics from organizations and agencies on the left. Nevertheless, there are multiple things that we can learn from this historic blunder from the infamous Lincoln Project.

A Crash Course In What NOT To Do

It’s no secret that campaigns fail. On both sides of the isle, campaigns come and campaigns go every election cycle. Yet, it’s almost always the failing campaigns that do the desperate things – similar to the blunder in Charlottesville this past Friday.

It’s important to remember for a few reasons…

  1. When it comes to ethics – always stand on strong principles
  2. Do not sacrifice the race for a short-term gain

When it comes to your ethics – there is a saying on the campaign trail that ‘it’s just politics’ and to some measure that is true. However it’s not the case when it comes to race and personal attacks. You must never sacrifice your morals and ethics to get ahead in politics. It will lead to a long road of distrust and anger from your base and opponents.

Speaking of the long term – you can’t forget about the short-term. The goal of the Lincoln Project in this publicity disaster was to gain a short-term advantage on the Youngkin campaign for Virginia governor.

Who You Run With Counts

Many campaign and political operatives will tell you this… Who you run with counts. Especially in a larger, more contested race like the gubernatorial race in Virginia.

An ‘agency’ like the Lincoln Project utilizes tactics of deception and downright dishonesty – while an agency like Politify utilizes data-driven strategies that put your best foot forward. The results are night and day. Most democrats that work directly with the Lincoln Project won’t disclose that they do.

Whether it’s out of fear or shame; one thing is abundantly clear… dishonesty and manipulative tactics don’t work in today’s truth-driven society (and for good reason!)

When you’re interviewing agencies to work with your campaign – asking for a code of ethics and conduct is incredibly beneficial in helping make the process and decision that much easier.

Take Things Seriously

The example of the Lincoln Project’s blunder is one of many reasons that make this a core pillar to any campaign… You’re running to represent your constituents, take it seriously. People are counting on you to uphold your campaign promises and platform.

They’re trusting you to create change.

The Lincoln Project has repeatedly demonstrated that it has no regard for ethics. They show little to no regard for creating change based on merit and truth. Instead; they combat truth with a strategy of manipulation and dishonesty. The incident in Charlottesville is just one of the long-spanning list of examples.

Who knows just how many of these planned demonstrations and inherent dishonesty have gone according to plan? How many of the mainstream media-hailed conservative blunders and ‘peaceful’ protests were the results of dishonest agencies like the Lincoln Project breaking the rules to further their agenda?

We’re not in any position to give an answer to this revealing question… Instead we can promise and uphold morals beyond our competition that put our strategies and services at the forefront of truth-driven politics that create real change through the merits of ideas and the products of action.

Since our launch, we have always put the interests of our clients ahead of our own. We’ve dedicated ourselves to leading with data-driven truth – keeping the attention where it needs to be… on the ideas and innovation of our clients.

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