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Facebook and the Future of Political Fundraising

As the election season heats up, Facebook is becoming increasingly popular among political campaigns that are looking to raise money or support.

Politicians now have the ability to promote their page and events on their Facebook page, which allows them to further reach out to potential supporters and friends alike.

All you need to do is create an event, promote it on your wall, and cross your fingers that people will click!

Why Is Facebook Such a Great Place to Raise Money?

And why is Facebook such a great place to raise money? Because it’s easy. Facebook isn’t going anywhere, so it allows you to set up a campaign quickly without having to worry about people forgetting where you are or moving on because your site isn’t secure enough.

On top of that, people use Facebook for a variety of things – news articles shared by friends, baby pictures from family members – so they have no trouble adding another activity. It doesn’t take long before they realize just how much money can be raised from their efforts.

Why Are People Donating on Facebook?

There are many different reasons why people are starting to donate on Facebook, but one of them is certainly because it is quick. People are becoming more impatient when using websites.

They want everything to load quickly, they don’t want to spend too much time searching for something, and they especially don’t want to spend any extra time filling out forms that they feel aren’t necessary.

Using credit cards can be complicated, lengthy processes that require you to enter your address multiple times while filling out different fields with different information. It also requires you go through PayPal or some other secure payment service so you can enter in your credit card information once.

Will Facebook Lead Us Into the Next Political Revolution?

Facebook’s power lies in its ability to allow users to connect with one another. When Facebook allows users to share what they care about, our research shows that they are more likely to become interested in supporting an issue or cause.

Now that Facebook has agreed to create a political action committee (PAC), what will it mean for future political fundraising?

A PAC is a formal fund-raising arm created by an organization so it can raise money on behalf of candidates, campaigns, or measures. These committees often solicit donations from large numbers of people, but anyone can contribute. And now, so can Facebook.

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